November 14, 2010
I wake up in the morning and imagine a world free of war and famine.
I imagine a world where cancer doesn’t consume its victims; instead, we pass of old age.
I imagine soldiers dropping their weapons and taking a moment of silence in honor of the innocent people’s lives they have taken.
I wake up in the morning and observe people of beautiful character inspire children.
Every day I look up to the people making a difference in the world.
I imagine a society where race, gender, or sexual orientation is respected by all.
I dream of a baby being born into a loving family, a baby that won’t be abandoned, abused, or starved.
I dream of a place where love is the answer, where people stand up for what they believe in.
I dream of a place where people are not judged or punished for raising their voice and raising awareness.
I imagine a world where all men are created equal, and in the morning I open my eyes to a world of hate.

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