November 14, 2010
By anjali BRONZE, Edison, New Jersey
anjali BRONZE, Edison, New Jersey
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Favorite Quote:
"Life ain't a rehearsal, the camera's always rolling" - Drake.

what had no time to settle
but all the time to gasp
in awe of what was life
at every turn of every twist
two times, is times too much
five times, is times too titanic.
never had the time to deal
but all the time to spit a shpeel
metamorphose of the surrounding;
forever confused
of the next judgement
to be ruled.
loved, lonely, loved, lonely
a great cosine graph
with the amplitude never satisfying the seemingly
never ending period of
this life
accommodating jealousy, love, disappointment (and more I’m sure)
does not seem to be giving a stable rope to swing from
or a credible store to buy some wings from
to fly.
to fly into a ring of fire and come out unscathed
to fly without a gaffe in direction, speed
and stand in resoluteness
of one who changes tracks much too fast
physically, internally,
when lost the happiness of the surround
fueled happiness from within
but the fossil fuels are burning out
and the environment is contaminating.
finding way through the smoke is no picnic
it’s also not as fun as laughing at those who use picniK
especially when the hand to grasp is slipping away
and the only one embracing you is smoke
stinging your every muscle
as it envelops your bag of bones
all that’s really wanted are some scones
and maybe some macaroons
to chomp away on a rainy
or sunny day
with an arm on ones shoulder
or maybe two
eardrums only beating to the purr of life
and the sweet sound of real smiles.

The author's comments:
This was written while pondering about why.

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