Words Without Meaning

December 5, 2010
The words I say are empty they don’t mean nothing when i say “ I love you “ don’t take me seriously. I’m only screwing around with you. When I say “I’m sorry “ I’m saying that so you leave me alone. My words are not there pretend I didn’t say them and your world will be better. Your words mean nothing to me. I’m just here sitting saying words without meaning. If I really meant them I wouldn’t be so cold hearted. When I say “its ok ” its really not ok I really want you to leave alone. My life is down the drain so why should I care about words? Why should I care about my life, your life if words have no meaning. Why should you care? I’m searching the world for who I am, what I’m on this Earth for. Why are you in my life if all you say are words have no meaning? Why are we alive? What is our meaning to be alive if we just die anyway and never find out what we were here for? Words what are they for? What am I supposed used them for?

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