The Life Size Voodoo Doll

November 16, 2010
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I'm choking you down like the liquid I drink.

It washes away the world I've wanted to escape.

With the enunciation of every syllable that leaves your lips,
it comes

Stabbing me

Never enough blood to bleed me dry...

You told me,

“I believe dreams are just like wishes...and wishes

should become reality for good people.”

She must be miles, kilometers, leagues,
worlds, planets, universes,

better than I am.

My dreams are dying in my throat with each kiss
you grant your girlfriend.

Stab, chop, maim, kill me.
Pretend it will go away...

But its not!

Its ripping me in half like a piece of brittle, bitter paper.

You must enjoy torturing me sadistically like you do.

Pins and needles,

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