Come And Go

December 3, 2010
I thought you were the one,
The one that would care for me forever,
the one that would love me unconditionally,
hold my shivering hand as the rain poured down,
kiss me without second guessing,
the one to hold me in rough, thorny patches in my life,
I thought you would always be there for me, like you were the peanut butter to my jelly
I thought and wished you would be mine and nothing could change that,

But I guess you were to much of a whimp to break up with me directly,
So you use my sister from another mister to tell me that its over, that all the love, all the kisses, all the hugs, and all the everything was gone,

But, you went way to far when you tell everyone that i broke your heart,
if anything you broke me,
I cried myself to sleep that night and woke up, i could have drowned myself in my tears, i cried in the shower that night too, i could have bathed in those tears i shed,
I cut my ankle for you, and all you can say is WHATEVER!

BUT, know matter what i love you and you can't change that,
I would do anything you asked me to,
I would jump off a bridge,
light myself on fire,
Kill myself,
I would do anything even if you wouldn't,

So, here is the deal i love you,
you ignore me,
there is no more us,
we say were friends, but avoid each other every chance we get,
I'll do anything for you,

And, you better deal with it because know matter if i see you as a jerk or a prized jewel you will always be my first love my first every thing and i will always love and miss you with all of my heart.

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