November 28, 2010
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One day feels like dozens in this God forsaken place.
The old man’s eyes look hollow, in his weary face.
A lady he thought forgotten comes to him in the night.
Bringing him a memory that always clung so tight.
An old lady breathes another breath inside a darkened room
Lost in ancient thoughts of him, sweet memory she exhumes.
She paints a nightly picture in her wrinkled, withered mind.
Then journeys to another time and one man she left behind.
It was lunchtime at senior hell, so the man sat down to eat
A lady turned to say hello and his old heart skipped a beat.
Looking into those vintage eyes, he called out a familiar name.
She touched his shaking hand and did the very same.
Silver hair, a leathered face, and old age are a thin disguise.
When memories of spring time youth flash before their eyes.
Once, they held each other tight, to both true love was new.
Today, time went six decades back...they each are twenty-two.
To the soul age means nothing, it doesn’t count the years.
If we lose our one true mate, it sends heartache and tears.
May people find new loves, so they don't live life alone.
But inside it will always ache, and the search keeps going on.
Sometimes when hope is all but lost we find them, once again.
Realizing such tales of love cannot come without hard pain.
To God our time means nothing, what is destined will come to be.
To join the soul designed for them...through all eternity.

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