My Hero's Sacrifice

November 27, 2010
By Bubbleslovesyou101 SILVER, Westerlo, New York
Bubbleslovesyou101 SILVER, Westerlo, New York
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When you pledge allegiance to that flag
Do you know how high the price

To keep that freedom and liberty
Do you think of their sacrifice

When you see red, white, and blue soaring in the sky
Do you think of the men and women every day who die

They lay down they’re lives so that we can be free
They fight on the font line, being everything they can be

They know this risks, they know the cost
They know they’re lives can be lost

But they still stand, ready at the door
They know exactly what they’re fighting for

So you when you pledge your allegiance
Or see that flag waving

Remembers its not theirs
But your life, they’re saving

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