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November 14, 2010
By seema rani BRONZE, Mumbai, Other
seema rani BRONZE, Mumbai, Other
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Subjected to all those crisis
in my crooked life.
Am crude yet, but
they giving me cruise to crucify.

Crumbled in the corner;
distressed, enduring pain
getting back to my memory lane
doing an introspection game.

For no deed, got everything done
it was just an accident
not I voluntarily keened.

For I was borned in the mud,
they in the marble fixed.
For me to do serfdom
and they to rule kingdom.

This suffocation is suffusing the fear,
Even the demons would have pitied in real.
All the ouster yewing
yelling to subtle for styptics.
Betraying is their substantial
So went to Pagoda
as I had to yeed somewhere.

Now Jesus have to give me a list
For what I got what not I did.
Am not blissed
its blunder and not the list.

Got no subvertibleness,
Been waiting for an ostentation of osculation.
Take me off from this dark valley
and lit the light on the way, ahead.

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