With Love...

November 13, 2010
Love is the cute little crush
You think will turn into something more,
And in the end
After all that hope
All those sleepless nights filled

with sunshine day-dreams and iridescent rainbows

And happily-ever-after-endings
waiting and waiting and waiting…
The small conversations

Believing it will turn into something more;
The slight turn of the head
The petty fight over nothing
The warm sweet sugar-laced smiles
The sparkling jemstone eyes

continue the hallucination

all in the aspiration of the

pure chocolate covered bliss of a moment

But it doesn’t occur.

yet there’s still a firm grasp onto the intangible belief
That everything will change
And after all the endless torment --
It ends.

As blunt as crisp paper covered in spilt ink
By next year
Every feeling



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