November 13, 2010
Ample of pains, numerous miseries
Pointless worries, concerns,
And painful histories
Everlasting regrets, unanswered prayers
Ungratified life
Countless pangs of guilt and merciless distress
Attempts to heal that worsen the state
Temporary consoling and convincing
The realization of immortal dismay
A vicious cycle, destined to depress
A scarred soul, an ashamed self
Perishing expectations,
A heavy heart
Disappearing desires and a stubborn, one-sided mind
Self-blaming anguish and an inclined resolve
Repetitive mistakes, an angry spirit
Calm acceptance and quiet sobs
Comforting lies and ignored facts
Constant fear to unearth the aching remnants
Once alluded, the remnants emerge
Reviving the woe,
And the cycle continues…
The wound is stricken again and again
It sinks even deeper reducing the chances to heal
Buried somewhere deep is my once kindled faith
I don’t live pessimism, indeed there is no way back

The darkness is all around, I’m afraid there is no way back…

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