I stand untouched

November 13, 2010
By Tanya.T SILVER, Joliet, Illinois
Tanya.T SILVER, Joliet, Illinois
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"The eternal mystery of the world is its comprehensibility." -Einstein

I am aware of the ripple in your sea

The sea of lies as it has turned out to be

I have heard it was unprecedented

But there is always a first time you see.

It is nothing compared to the storm in mine

As I wait by the edge of the sea

And view the sunset from a good distance,

My thoughts rise beyond the heights of the sky, the depths of the sea

I am suddenly occupied with a fear that demands reason

I dread to fill the now worn out pots

With the irreplaceable memories,

The haunting wrought, should I strengthen the knot?

Irreplaceable, irrepressible, irrelevant now

I hold no more room in my pot now

It has begun to spill

Let me repeat, my pot is ragged now

I stare at the soil and it reminds me of my pot

Why should I go through the labor and make a new pot now

I would rather spend the time emptying it

Also, I am not sure if I remember how

I am fed up

I am done and over with, everything we are or we might turn out to be

I am aware nothing can be undone

So I try and move on, no hopes, no regrets,

But my feet won’t cooperate; I lift up one foot and the other sinks even deeper

I let myself dig in the sand even more, that turns against me when I attempt to leave

There is a bond we have developed you see

I visit the sea frequently now

Trying to seek composure, a balanced mind

But its beauty bewilders me even more, (the memories lurk from behind)

The water mesmerizes my senses, vanishes away the little reason acquired

The thoughts reappear for a while

But then in a flash seem to vanish in the haze again

I can’t move on and I can’t move in

I can’t fill the pot and I can’t empty it

The memoirs are too precious

I stand untouched, but I deny giving up.

It is comforting to have no thoughts at all so I refrain from moving away or moving on

I leave the decisions, the questions unanswered for later

I stand untouched with a blank mind now

I stand untouched with no questions: why, what or how?

I slowly drift from being indecisive to just “be”

I refuse to answer, or seek reason

I stand untouched as now it’s soothing

To just let it be

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