The Life of a Man

November 22, 2010

A baby is born.
People come to see him.
They give him precious gifts and gather around.
His mother and father tend to him.
The baby becomes a boy.
He helps his father and mother with daily chores.
He listens to everything they say.
One day he attends a wedding.
They run out of wine.
His mother asks him what to do.
He says to fill up a jar with water.
The water becomes sweet wine.
The boy is now a young man.
He helps people as much as he can.
People are healed from disease.
He touches the lame and they walk.
He prays for the blind and they see.
He brings back the ones that have fallen asleep.
He travels far spreading hopeful news.
People begin to follow this man because of the wonders that he is doing.
Another day the man and his followers feed five thousand others.
They only had five loaves of bread and two fish, but the food multiplies.
The man tells many stories that are infused with lessons.
The man continues helping and loving others.

One day, he is betrayed by one of his followers.
He is persecuted for no reason.
He is beaten and torn down.
He is forced to carry a cross up a hill.
The same cross is the one he is about to be nailed too.
Slowly, stumbling, helplessly going up a long hill.
Another man from the crowd steps out and tries to help him carry the cross.
Finally, the man reaches the top of the hill.
He begins to being nailed to the cross.
One nail goes into his right hand.
Another nail goes into his left hand.
A third nail goes through both feet at the bottom of the cross.
The cross is lifted high and then smacked down into the ground.
The man, still on the cross, is jolted downward but still held on the cross by the nails.
This baby, this boy, this man, who has done nothing wrong, is dying slowly on a cross.
He holds no grudge.
He only prays.
He is paying the price for the whole world.
Then, the man dies.
The man’s body is put into a tomb.
The tomb is sealed for three days.
The third day, he rises.
The man has no more pain.
He goes to his Father up above.
This baby, this boy, this Man, is Jesus Christ, the Son of God.

The author's comments:
This piece was inspired by my faith in Jesus Christ. I wanted to tell about His life starting with a normal perspective.

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