Stuck On Rewind

December 3, 2010
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You thought you fooled me

And took my soul

But babe you'll never capture every part

Especially the one heart that never believed

I never loved your beautiful eyes

And even though you made me laugh

I hated it, I hated that

I was flying high but feeling low

Don't think your special

When I think of you all night

Don't think your special

When I reminisce of every touch

You had me going like a tornado

Spinning round and round without a care

It wasn't fair that you made me so

You're cruel and ugly just so you know

I saved your picture

Why didn't we take one those days of ours

Then I made a reason without a doubt

I never wanted you, I never wanted your memories

You bribed me of my reasonable actions and well placed thoughts

You made me crazy, crazy in love

But it was all never real

I knew that so when I drank some more

Maybe I shouldn't think of you

You never cared or you would have shared

Everything you had inside

I know you well but this I don't

Do you miss me? I wont ever know.

Don't ask me if I linger of you

Because I don't not even once

I'm all better without you

And always will be, you should know

Don't even think for a moment

I'd take you back and call you mine

I know our love was beautiful

But what is beauty without sense

I guess I'm foolish to let you go

I guess it's good to let you go

You won't be running after me

Even though I'd hope it was so

I won't tell you the truth of course

My love for you is as bold as the color of blood

As strong minded as a thunder's roar

And as lasting as the last drop of water on earth

Don't be damned that I'm not thinking of you

I've got better things to do

Like writing poems of you and I

I'm stuck, I'm stuck on rewind

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