Everything I've Learned

December 1, 2010
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I dont know what's in store
everywhere im going,
I know I've been there before

I'm running in circles
as if that's the only shape I know
around and around
no where else to go

I'm so naive
so foolish, so young
and so many times
from problems, I run

A coward, a sinner
nonetheless you see
and yet so simple
yup, that's me

but it taught me well
if i do say so myself
its been my mentor
its curves were my help

I stay away from people of your kind
judgemental, and hypocritical
people with closed minds

you went down a different route
didn't even have a shape
to help you out

life, like you can be so cold
but that's why
I remember what I'm told

when life gives you lemons
be different and make a change
too many people have already
made lemonade

make it fun, make it last
make it lovely, until suddenly...

you know what's in store
and everywhere you go
is where you've been before

either way, it turns out nice
because you wont
make a single, twice

eventually you'll break out
onto your own path
until the circle vanishes

mines vanished, but im not concerned
because im sure I wont forget
everything I've learned

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