Remembering the Ivory Chateau

December 1, 2010
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In autumn,
leaves changed colors and
Hannah found an adventure.

A bone chilling-breeze filled the
late-autumn air.
An unknown visitor drove
up to the abandoned farmhouse.

Hannah’s car wasn’t running right.
Hoping to find help,
she stepped out of her red buggy
into a grass-covered trail
leading up to the house.

The vast ivory château had
broken shutters and a broken, brick fence.
The house was covered in sparkling spider webs.
As she made her way around to the back, she saw a mill pond
enclosed in dust-colored milkweed.

Fallen leaves started to swirl around the trail.
Up above a hawk circled,
looking for food for winter.
The sky darkened.
It started to mist.
She could see the rolling thunderheads
coming her way…

Hannah started to run back to the car.
Apples were flung out of the trees as
she ran by. All of a sudden…

a rocking chair flew out in front of her.
The brittle oak chair broke into million of little pieces,
sounding like thunder.

She kept running…
It felt like bees were chasing her
all the way to the car.

As lightning flashed, Hannah made it to the car.

Relieved, Hannah started the rough- running car and limped to town where she went to a hotel for the night.

Moments before sleep, she knew she would come back again,
but not till next fall… and not alone.

In autumn,
leaves changed colors, and
Hannah found an adventure.

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