What she's done.

November 30, 2010

She's cold and dark
She's given herself away
She's let the devil take her soul
She's lost all control
She screams his name as she lifts the blade
All she wanted was the memories to fade
She saw his face then
His beautiful eyes
Those eyes in which she wished she despised
She wanted to hate him
She wanted to be alone
That way when he left her
She wouldn't feel so cold
She knew he'd want another girl
She understood he could do much better than her
That didn't change the pain she felt
That cold and rainy day
She couldn't forget the pain she felt
When he said "babe, i just can't stay"
He told her he still loved her
But she knew it wasn't true
All she could say back to him was
"You know, i love you too"
Now she lay there gasping
Cursing his very name
Now she lay there dying
The pain gone away

The author's comments:
This poem, isn't about anything i've been through, obviously.
But, i have a thing for writing sad poems. I am not depressed or anything, it's just what comes easily.

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