Swirled Cardboard

November 30, 2010
By red_tulip_love53 BRONZE, Spring Valley, California
red_tulip_love53 BRONZE, Spring Valley, California
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One after another,
Close your eyes and Imagine,
Pretending you’re there,
It pains so gently,
As wistfully as a threaded memory,

Ideal and Entranced.
A familiar path,
A gently worn map,
Creased not by Mine and,
Surely not yours,

For I took the one,
The one less-Traveled,
The one where the road,
It ends in a loop,
And transcends,

So softly,
So venomously,
(Dis)Reality at its Finest.

Whisper longing,
‘Gainst nothing but Air,
Lost cause,
Yet found vivid dream.

Indifferent to Desire,
Desire for love,
For life,
For Together.

For a yearning to say,
Such destructive words,
Of both Joyous mirth,
And piteous rejection,

It grows each hour,
Near and Apart,
Swollen with magnets,
Generator in thy chest.

Bursting from Pains,
Sweet sickness bestowed,
Repeat history,
Repeat it willingly,

For you are Blind,
And you are Weak,
And you are Strong,
And you are Iridescent,

But you are Beautiful.
You Are Beautiful.

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