Summer Seizing Gray

November 30, 2010
By laurenswrite SILVER, Northville, Michigan
laurenswrite SILVER, Northville, Michigan
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I laugh until the summer's days,
Turn to their most potent tint of gray,
For then dismal sorrows shall reside,
To the covent of morbid sadness,
From gloom shadows dismal sorrows shall not hide,
Their servants lie deeply burrowed,
Wearing masks, to cover faces to no avail,
Truth of all truths stay blackened,
Foot steps uniknown covered trail,
Secrets go unknown,
Deepest truths die with their personal tombstone,
The retched sorrows,
Fearful fate to die aone,
Scarce of their own kind,
Sever souls, limbs they bind,
Dismal dear dismal sorrows,
Soul eternally borrowed,
Coming out to play,
When summers turn shade of tearful gray,
one note to lustful melody,
Rise to the occasion of their presents,
Not known purpose,
Beheld of many curses,
Yellows of yellows,
Gold surround,
Dismal sorrows burry under the ground,
Once again laughter plays,
When summer light seizes grays.

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