November 30, 2010
Disastrous girl, you jump and I catch, you throw and I fetch, you kill and I heal.
You deceitful hag, how you always make me mad, and purposely make me sad,
You have seriously misunderstood, I know your not capable of doing any good.

These wor...ds are new, and my sincerity is true.
I will run, and you will wait
I will be the fish, and you will be the bait.
The tables are turned, and the end is near
It is no longer my love that you have to fear.
I will not waist my words on an unworthy ear,
Listen up,and listen clear,this is the endmy dear.

Take your slime, grime, pitiful whine, and disappear,
This is the end of the line, get off and stop waisting my time.
If it is love that you wil try to find, look down the deepest hole,
In there you might find, that thing that you call a soul

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