November 30, 2010
By HuskyStarcraft BRONZE, Tipton, Michigan
HuskyStarcraft BRONZE, Tipton, Michigan
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There’s a lot of ways to end up in Paradise
A place full of wonders and curious yondering youngsters,
A place so close to nature there’s no factories or cities
...A place where the sun is shining crimson red and never any rain
A place so perfect words cannot describe.

Paradise, the place everyone wants to go but cannot
Where there is no crime and you lose track of time,
No government, no authority, no rules or war, just perfect peace
Wildlife thrive in this beautiful land, as if unaware of our presence
We walk with confidence to the lion, scared and afraid, but when we
reach the lion, she purrs harmlessly as if she were tamed.

This place is a place of relaxation, to just let go of all your fears and worries, to just lie down, and let time just melt from your fingertips

You are happy now, away in Paradise

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