Under the Mask

November 30, 2010
By Anonymous

Life. . .
One word that comes to mind
I don't see the joy of it
To life a lie, something I do best
I can change who I am at any wish

I am alone
with out fame, alone
in my room
No true friends, no life
Family lies lead me on

I follow the shadows
I curse into the night
Life. . . One thing I live without

I stand tall now I show no more fear
My foot is down but why am I still

Looking past beyond the colors grey
I see a spark of day
rubbing my face, I wash away the pain
I feel under the mask
My true self my true colors

The author's comments:
Who am I? Well I basically am someone who wants me to be someone I am not. Crazy inside sane outside, I feel locked up but I am free. . . I wrote this cause its explains my feeling when I am unable to. . .

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