True Friend

November 30, 2010
It was an exciting day in November,
One i will always remember.
We met at the party of the year,
I didnt know I would have something to fear.

We made the definition of true friends,
Started new fun and new trends.
From jumping off the golfcart,
To late night calls,
I thought i would have you through it all.

You thought guys were better than me,
Not how a true friend really should be.
I agree I let you slip through my fingers,
But all those memories of us still linger.

I miss you there always by my side,
Now my feelings are running to hide.
Our friendship was like a big red balloon,
Not anymore. Now its in fumes.

Now I decide,
Is our friendship still worth it?
Now were just buds,
With nothing to show it.
Our friendship has suffered a great defeat,
Now im left without you. Incomplete.

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