Dreams from Dust Swept to the Future

November 30, 2010
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I am from darkness and dust bunnies and dreams behind the couch
who crept into the narrow creaking hallway
then scattered at the yellow flick of the nightlight.
I am from the hum of the fan,
a lullaby which spun me to sleep
accompanied by the roar of traffic
and the occasional grinding shriek of collision.
I am from parched dirt which caught in the wind
from flames which caught in the house.
I am from dull glass doorknobs and aching hinges and locked keyholes
from found rings and spiderwebbed pottery and lost keys.
I am from vacuum cleaners
the dust of childhood sucked away
leaving behind the gleaming floors of the future.

Everything is swept away by the broom of adulthood.

Where am I?

Because here it’s all blank

all quiet

all light

all new
And here are mismatched keys that fit the doors
And here is music, waiting to be aligned in orderly rows
And here when I peer behind the couch I am not afraid
For here the dust bunnies have been lurking patiently
to welcome me and show me space in the dark
and here is my happiness just waiting to be rescued from the silt of forgotten dreams.

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