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November 30, 2010
By SkyeA. GOLD, Deer Island, Oregon
SkyeA. GOLD, Deer Island, Oregon
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Death is as light as a feather, Duty heavier than a mountain.

I love him
Yet I know not heaven
Is this the punishment for trust?
Is this the truth in him?
Or may I cry?
Does he believe?
Is there not a single day that passes when he does not question my heart?
Am I the reason for his pain?
Who does he think I have become, his love?
No one?
Truth lain down before me
Should I trust in his love?
In a drunken state of mind I see him
Who has he become?
He shares nothing
He has a habit of taking everything
But who is he?
Who have I fallen for?
Better yet
What have I fallen for?
Wingless angel
Who but the fallen have the power to take pureness and corrupt it?
Powerless too am I?
Or powerless at all?
Truth be told
Power unbound
Soul torn
Tears to forever burn marks into my face
So far away to leave no living trace
Hidden behind a mask
I hide here from what I know
A deadly task

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