Memories of me

November 30, 2010
By SkyeA. GOLD, Deer Island, Oregon
SkyeA. GOLD, Deer Island, Oregon
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Death is as light as a feather, Duty heavier than a mountain.

If only I could return ten years into my past
If only I could remember the life I had
If only I were still in the arms of my mom and dad
If only I could remember how to sleep at night
If only I had the power to go back in time
If only I could reincarnate my dreams
If only I could be me
I want so bad to live the years again
I want so bad to close my eyes and remember them
I want so bad to live in the past
I was once a little girl free to love, free to trust
I was once free to be me
What has happened to trap me here?
What has gone wrong?
What has this world done?
What left do I have to hide?
How many riddles must I solve in order to find what is mine?
Who holds me here?
When I look into the glass of my mirror
I see someone I don’t know
This girl is too broken to have my wings
She hurts too much to feel the power of these things
She dances in my memories
She is blind to what I see
There she is forgetting me
There she goes forgetting what she loves most
Through the haze she finds how hard it is to breathe when living in me
I miss being so free
I miss me

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