Her last name is Thompson.

November 30, 2010
By Goodc91045 BRONZE, Waynesfield, Ohio
Goodc91045 BRONZE, Waynesfield, Ohio
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"If you continue to do what you are doing, then you will continue to receive what you are receiving" unknown

I have moved on just now. I see a different me because of it. Maybe fire or snow was the way to go but I didn’t know the way, so I went slow. I walked slowly down an unknown path. A path that was simply mysterious. Along the way I got caught. I fought and fought to not get caught, but no matter what I chose to do I would pick wrong and stupid consequences tagged along. Sometimes, it is what it is and that is all we need to realize, but it is more when a certain girl I met started to make me realize. Did I need a hand to hold at night? Did I need someone to hold me warm and tight? These are all nice things you see, when someone so special can make a man drop to one knee. It’s a power that they have and believe me they use it. They know they have it but they will never admit to it. You know what I mean when I say the ONE? It is the girl that you can never picture alone. I think I just told her that I loved her. I think you know that girl. The one that you want to be your daughter’s mother. She makes your feelings act beyond comprehension, just like when you met her dad and all that tension. She is sweet like wine. A wine that is divine and can be enjoyed time after time. Love is a process that no one fully understands. How is it that your day changes when she has ahold of your hands? I leave you this time with one final rhyme. She makes my stop on a dime. And she is mine.

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I just did this for fun in detention lol.

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