A New Fall Beginning

December 16, 2010
By organiccupcakes SILVER, Olathe, Kansas
organiccupcakes SILVER, Olathe, Kansas
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The first day of fall, a beginning of a new stage.
Bundled in a scarf to protect me from the new brisk cold,
We prepare for our evening routine.
Making our way through the neighborhood park,
We start our small journey tonight.
With my yellow lab as my companion,
Trotting by my side, we walk…

Parents gather their children,
For its soon time for bed and the sun has started to set.
Carefree children, remind me of the hours spent with my brother
Imagining and playing in different worlds. So we walk…

I watch my dog Bart sniff around, wagging his tail with delight.
After walks he’s cheerful and satisfied. So we walk…

We exit the safe gates of the park and venture on through the neighborhood.
Detecting Bart and I, the neighborhood dogs bark
As we pass through their territory, So we walk…

The sun has fully set, and the moon has risen high in the sky,
Giving light for us night adventurers.
I gaze up, marveling at the simple beauty that many have forgotten So we walk…

Leaves rattle across the sidewalk while the wind runs through.
I look ahead and see a fellow walker with her own dog. They walk briskly by us, almost jogging. We Acknowledge briefly, and turn back to our own thoughts. So we walk…

We have slowed down,
Why the rush?
We both are content with the slower pace.
Time to really think, time to wonder.
It seems like Bart understands.
So we walk…

We turn around at our usual point,
Bart knows the spot by now.
Deep thoughts overcome me.
Planning ahead is a weakness of mine.
Worrying about the future,
instead of focusing on the present.
So we walk…

We’re close to home, and Bart can feel it.
He pulls forward, anxious as knowing where we are.
I let him lead us home,
For I’m still stuck in my world of thoughts.
So we walk…

We arrive home safe and sound.
Good as new, like a personal therapy session.
I walk for tranquility and ease, Bart walks for adventure.
So we walk…

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