Midnight Feast

December 16, 2010
By GirlDreamer GOLD, Doraville, Georgia
GirlDreamer GOLD, Doraville, Georgia
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“Hold fast to dreams for when dreams go, life is a barren field frozen with snow.” Langston Hughes

Skipping down the hill,
We were three shadows dancing in the night.
Mom, big sister, and I-
We ran toward the old creek,
That lay quietly beneath,
The abandoned bridge.
The moon gave us glimpses of tiny creatures-
Little tadpoles and frogs
Hopping along the currents.
As I dipped my legs underwater,
The icy water sliced through my skin
Woven fish net in each of our hand- we began the hunt.
“Come near where the rocks are,” Mom shouted from the other side
“Angle your net like this…now bend over!” She said
With fear and excitement, I swooped the net into the unknown,
We kept at it, until the moon dimmed,
And our fingers became numb
As our eyelids slowly drooped.
The journey home began-
We trotted up the hill –looking forward to the feasting
Of midnight barbequed frogs.

The author's comments:
Chasing frogs at night was a hobby where I came from

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