December 16, 2010
By Anonymous

I pull out the box of photos from beneath my bed
Swiping the dust from the top I read~
“Lydia’s Memories”

One side opens
Halfway to remembering
The happy times

Bright smiles, bare feet, best buds

Fully opened

Crisp, warm air escapes into my room
Light glints off glossy pictures
Flashing in my chocolate colored eyes

First picture
Looking at it,
Fills me with a warm tingle

I smile to myself
My favorite picture
Zoe my cousin, my sister Payton and I

Sitting in a blueberry blue cart from Disney
Looking up
You had to see our faces

Payton’s plump too-cute-to-be-real cheeks,
Zoe’s fabulous freckled face,
My toothless first grade grin

Each of us slumped over from a long, hard day of
Riding magic carpets and splashing down waterslides

We had gigantic round lollipops
Crammed in our tiny mouths
Each with a blue mustache of sticky candy

Smiling, laughing, and having fun

I close my eyes and I am right there in that moment
Plastic seat, bare feet, and smiling

These are the best

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