My old boy

December 16, 2010
By Anonymous

May not be the prittiest
May not be the hottest
May not be the most suttle
Not being caughtious
Not playing hard to get
Silly me

waiting for him
He who took off
Disappeared with a gift
let him take my heart
Boy didnt find it enough
Took my joy and sanity

Woundering about him
Is he more than another guy
Perhaps hes my man
Nothing but a boy though
Egotistic fun seeking boy
Took my time and thoughts

Asking for him
Adviced to kill that heart
Regreting whats been said
Shouldve been hard to get
Can't play no games
Took my evil mastermind

Remembering him
His ability to keep my happyness
Making my nights and days
Saying all the dumb things
Discussing all the different topics
Took my socialing skills

Getting over him
Boys not easy to forget
There in all my poems
Haunting my dumb girly emotions
Even if he doesnt deserve it
Took my will of thoughts

Perhaps Replacing him
But how could that be
No one is good enough
Well no one i know
Old Mr.froggie aint back
Took the key to unlock me

For now.. Remains my only boy
Though he doesnt deserve this
Ironic.. I want nothing from him
Well maybee his f***ing return
What a lovely klootzak
Took off and left me nothing

He may not be the prittiest
He may not be the hottest
He may not be the most suttle
Being cautious
Playing hard to get
My silly boy

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