Never Letting Go

December 16, 2010
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As children when asked “Will you be my best friend?”
It was answered with “Only if you will be mine.”
When asked “Will our friend ship end?”
We thought “Well I guess that’d be fine.”
When they said “You are gross.”
And they moved on to the new little child
We felt no remorse,
Because we could move on to, we were wild.
Even now at an older age best friends come and go
And we don’t give it a second thought
But this you should know
I could never forget what your friendship has brought.
You are the ying to my yang
You are the sun to my moon
You are the song the bird sang
You are such a happy tune.
You know when to just say ok
And you make me smile
You let me have it my way
And you let me hang for awhile.
You listen when I need to vent
And you say what I need to hear
And you say what I meant
In your direction I steer.
So if you ever decided you wanted to leave
And find the new little child
I would greave
Will grief I’d go wild.
But as you moved on I never would
I would always say “that’s my best friend”
Because let go of you I never could.
And I would always hope that one day you’d bend
And come back to me
And laugh like we used to
And hope you would see
That I truly love you

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confidepoet said...
Dec. 20, 2010 at 8:48 am
i love this! its realy good.
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