Is It Impossible?

December 4, 2010
By mrsethjackson BRONZE, Bountiful, Utah
mrsethjackson BRONZE, Bountiful, Utah
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You could close your eyes, and visualize
That elusive border we’d all love to find.
From inside the confines of your mind,
He shows himself, and stretches out towards the sky.
Standing tall, strong, and overbearing
He separates inevitable failure, from the simply daring
The truly amazing, from the respectively unbelievable.
He separates reality, from the science fiction,
Remarkable… from the impossible.
But what and where is this line?
This wall to impossible
Close your eyes and you can see it
Stretch out your hand and you can feel it
Touch the border between what you can achieve…
And what you can’t
Now open your eyes and let them find your finger
What are you touching?
Nothing! There’s nothing there, it isn’t real.
Impossible is nothing.
The moment you understand the fact
Nothing is stopping you from performing the impossible
Is the moment you turn from man, to something better
So go ahead, no ones stopping you..
But you

The author's comments:
follow your dreams

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