Why am I reading?

December 4, 2010
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WHY am I reading?
My favorite subject?
Reading is correct.

The ones who read,
Are the ones who lead.

As you read,
You plant a seed

To sprout up to be
Proud, Amazing…. Don’t you agree?

Another reason
It is expressed like all the seasons

It may being boring for just a second
Yet, come into reading like you are in Belgian

It may not be your forte
It may be hard, but it opens new doorways

You can finally have your alter-ego
You can pretend to be a primo

Though the novel will soon close,
Another story awaits I suppose

Could be better
Or could be as dreadful as writing a letter

Yet you do not know
If the novel is so-so

So, let’s all start reading
It is not misleading

Just shut your eyes
Let the story surprise

It is just like a movie
Only difference is the price is more groovy

So, let’s all read
And plant OUR seed

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