washing away her true self

December 4, 2010
shes a pretty girl they say as they stop and stare
Shes a pretty girl thats all they will ever know
she doesnt want to be seen she wants to blend in
any true version of her self has been wiped away long ago
trying to fit in has become the detah of her
not even being able to reconize herself on the surface anymore
all those years of pretending has washed away any bit of her true self
how can she let people in and tell them her true self when she does even want to know herself
she runs away from reality and needs a good wake up call
but no one can summon her from the deep depths of her mind
not to this day shes to far gone
its a fantasy that she lives in with ignorance bills
knowing that one day she will have to return to the life she tries so hard to forget
mabey by the time you read this she will be gone
who can know? only time

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