Someday I Hope You Find Her Though I Know She Wasn't Me

December 4, 2010
Your heart lies in another’s hands
The one you love so dear
But she has salted open wounds
And still you wish her to be here

Two years have passed in her arms
As she's hurt you and you have cried
But with your strength you do not show,
The pain within your eyes

But I can see beyond that smile
Beyond your sweet brown eyes
I can see past that exterior
To who you are inside

And I know how much you love her
I can see all the damage she's done
I can see you giving up
When she hasn't even won

And you deserve so much better
Who loves and cares for you
Someone who will never leave
Who only needs and wants you

And I want you to always know
That I am here to stay
I will never leave you
No matter what others say

You are my best friend
My homie and a G,
A super human Jesus ninja (:
Who means everything to me

And I promise you will find
Everything you want and need
But until that moment I'll be here
You'll always have your G (:

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