December 4, 2010
By tearful0blue0eyes BRONZE, Damascus, Other
tearful0blue0eyes BRONZE, Damascus, Other
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both love and dreams are matters of imagination..

Tears of frustration, sighs of sadness, trees are binding
in the harsh wind.. the drifts of yesterday's snow
still heaped in the fields.. and the golden horizon
looks like an oil painting.. the sun is fading away
as I'm shivering and feeling so shaky and so alone
the deep-black night's frost enters through the windows,
lost breezes are filling me with chills and pants
the low whistling drowns every dream of mine
and behind the mountains, there's a soft glimmer
the drastic shouts of the snappish hounds are
filling me with heavy disquiet,
your arid stiff hands are holding mine so warmly
your crimson blood's overflowing your breathless chest,
your slow heartbeats, I feel, are declining gradually,
drowse is controling my nerves, tears are falling down
on my cheeks, I knew you're dead, my eyes closed too
now I can sink in my fair dreams..
and see the dawn coming in through my windows,
you and I are now creatures of fadeless light...

The author's comments:
I got inspired by a sad song "whiskey lullaby" and wrote this poem so emotionally and heartly, hope you'll like it

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