Stronger than Heroine

December 4, 2010
By OhSnapItsKay GOLD, Marion, Ohio
OhSnapItsKay GOLD, Marion, Ohio
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I remember them all.
So clear,
The times together,
Our special memories,
Bound to me like cement glue.
They never come off.
I can tear,
Bruise them ‘til I’m numb,
But they always return,
Haunting me.
You’ve moved on.
I still wish things could happen.
My hands shake,
Body convulses from the screams that fill my lungs.
I can’t let go,
Don’t want to,
Yet I have no choice.
It burns in my heart,
I can’t erase it.
Can’t replace you.
I hate you.
I scream it,
The words burn my throat like alcohol.
You’ve turned me into this.
This monster I’ve become.
Hungering for more,
Obsessed with you,
I can’t control myself.
My addiction grows as strong
As Heroine.
I need it.
Can’t live without it.
It’s stronger than me,
It’s out of my control.

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