On the Wind

December 3, 2010
Every moment spent together
Every moment spent alone
I thought of only you
The wind carried your name

Though, things are changing
Your heart is faltering
Why won't you smile?
Where has the light gone from your eyes?

You look away from me
Cringe from my touch
My kiss is a disease
I am your misfortune, your burden

Why don't you say a word?
Tell me those three sweet words again
They've ceased to pass your lips
The wind now barely whispers of you

To end this way is torture.

Across your bedroom window I cry
Seeing her with you
My heart is left cold
And you left it to burn

Not only have you gone from me
But took my love as well
I'm left an empty shell
Nothingness is my being

Where is your name on the wind, darling?
I only hear the scream of heartbreak.

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