Fear is the Monster Under My Bed

December 3, 2010
By GiselleD. GOLD, Aurora, Colorado
GiselleD. GOLD, Aurora, Colorado
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Are you serious?

Fear is the monster under my bed
In the closet, in my head
It's a feeling we all know about
We cannot live with nor without

Fear is the monster under my bed.

Fear is the girl whose screams are drowned
Fear is the human by slavery bound
Fear is the ones that died by starvation
Fear was the millions killed by cremation

Fear is the monster under my bed.

Fear is the steroids, all stuffed in our food
Fear is the children, they're dying too soon
Fear is the victim of police brutality
Fear is diseases that cause our fatality

Fear is the monster under my bed.

Fear is the veteran, tossed bluntly aside
Fear is the boy that committed suicide
Fear is the danger of nuclear war
Fear is the fear of an end, and much more

Fear is the monster under my bed.

"Nothing to fear but fear itself."
Is a statement oh, so true
But the fact of the matter is, of course
That all of us already knew

The pain of Rwanda
Suffering Holocaust
So many more tales
But not without cost

The price, my dear
Is the sense of fear
It's the glimmering eyes
That draw us near

But, I say to you
As to others I've said
Never, don't ever
Look under your bed.

The author's comments:
I felt like I needed to write about some of the major issues with the world; some of the things that people are avoiding just so they don't have to deal with them. I really just felt like someone needed to do this and I thought, why not me?

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