someone else

December 2, 2010
By RippedPaperWings GOLD, Clairmont, Other
RippedPaperWings GOLD, Clairmont, Other
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I just want to know
that someone else’s heart was broken
That they cried all night
and wished that nothing had happened
I want someone else
to feel trashed and thrown away
I don’t like this hurt…
want to give it to someone else
Someone who has never felt the pain of heart ache
I want someone else to suffer
And cry until they are all dried up
I don’t want this heartsick throbbing
Give it to someone else
Want you to still be here
Holding me in your arms
And I want someone else to feel your loss
For them to die inside
As long as I can keep you
I want someone else to have a broken heart
I want someone else other than me
To break and cry inside
When I look next to me…and you’re not there…<3

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