The Creator

December 2, 2010
By SpaceCowboy154 BRONZE, McDonough, Georgia
SpaceCowboy154 BRONZE, McDonough, Georgia
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And it begins.
An idea blooms,
Intertwining imagination and reality.
A new creation springs into being.
Scribbling, scratching, mind racing.
The creator works with unmatched speed,
Seeking to capture the vision
Before it fades forever.
Letting the mind wonder,
Back and forth, endless pacing.
Innovating, compromising, searching.
Building a magnificent structure.
The creator is an architect, a sculptor, a painter of dreams,
A genius, their very soul flows into their work.
The work slows, the project finally completed.
The emotion and adrenaline fade.
The lights dim and eventually go out.
The creator steps back,
Astonished with their own intelligence and ingenuity.
Only one though left:
“I did that?”

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