Annie’s smile

December 2, 2010
By CrazyGirl GOLD, Wallace, Nebraska
CrazyGirl GOLD, Wallace, Nebraska
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Annie’s smile is never fake always true,
She always says you can’t make her smile,
While she tries to hold her excitement back,
Annie doesn’t judge,
Annie doesn’t hate,
Annie is an adult who trusts like a child,
Its okay if she doesn’t quite understand,
Because her smile is a gift from God,
One of those gifts you can’t help but notice,
She loves to be tickled,
And make funny faces,
She’s got a perfect heart,
She never pokes fun at others,
She doesn’t make you hurt,
She’s a little slower at understanding,
But she has done something many have not,
She has found the joy,
And she knows what its worth,
Annie’s mom is sick,
But I’m not sure how much she understands,
All I know is that her smile is slightly faded,
I can only hope one day Annie’s smile,
Will start to shine again,
Because that smile is one thing the world cant afford to lose.

The author's comments:
This is a poem about a mentally challenged girl that i knew who's mother was sick and has passed away.Her smile could make anyone's day.

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