I Guess.

December 2, 2010
Lips part at crazed thoughts
Yet, all I am is
Daydreams stray
Although they should not
Yet, words flow like
The truth.

Fallen beneath the phone bill
A card waits un-opened.
Brilliant colors, with a tab
It sings when you pull it.
You would call it

The card is thrown, unknowingly.
A shame, It would have been appealing.
Could have been

I've heard worse.
Bumblebees fly against nature.
All the time
People ask why
But I just lie.
Don't fix something that ain't broke.
Can't lose something that's not yours.
Lets take a bet on that.

I'm willing to bet
This sin of green is worse
Than you have felt.
I'm willing to guess
There's more to lose
Than just a measly bet.
I guess the sweetest downfall
Deserves something at the end
I have nothing.
Guess you're left with that
Smoldering smile.

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