Flames and Wind

December 2, 2010
By WillC BRONZE, Dallas, Texas
WillC BRONZE, Dallas, Texas
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Happiness is one of the superlative feelings a person can experience,
The feeling engulfs you like a fire,
The flame fills your heart up with joy,
Yet, eventually the majority of flames go out.

Materialism can extinguish your flame,
It drains your heart of joy.
It fills your heart full of abhorrence,
Materialism is the wind, it quenches your flame.

Desire is also a variety of wind,
It conquers the happiness in your heart.
Once desire conquers your mind,
Happiness will never be able to return.

Happiness is a gift,
It is one we should maintain forever.
The people who are happy day by day,
Have a brawny flame that is almost impossible to douse.

Joyful people are gratified for what they have,
They don’t let materialism or desire conquest their heart.
Cheerful people contain a flame that is insurmountable,
Their flame transitions into a conflagration.

The author's comments:
After seeing all the materialistic people in the world, this poem inspired me to write about happiness.

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