Winter Daze

December 9, 2010
“Winter Daze”

A blanket of thick snow
Envelops the cobblestone dwelling
As the heat
Of the radiant sunlight withdraws
Leaving an ashen, hiemal atmosphere
Bare, naked branches
Hide underneath clusters
Of white powder
A simple exhale of breath
Drifts visibly into thin air
Translucent cones of ice
Clutch tightly to the rim of tiled roofs

Wind screeches as it roams
From isolated towns to worldly cities
Cemented vapor crunches
Under the weight
Of weather-beaten boots
As the incessant clattering
Of teeth grind harshly

The tips of our noses
Develop a ruddy complexion
Our benumbed faces
Are temporarily incapable
Of interchanging expressions
Soft skin is masked
Behind woolen scarves and mittens

Still shivering violently
We ascend to the peak
Of the steep hill
Dragging the plastic sleds
Along the rocky surface
Eagerly, we plunk ourselves
Onto the stiff boards
Adrenaline rushing
As we swiftly cruise downward
Laughter erupting
From our smiling lips
A daze of wonderment
For the sensation of flying
Overwhelmed us

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cindyk. said...
Dec. 29, 2010 at 11:44 am
Hi, Your Uncle Glenn told me that his niece had published a few poems under a pseudonym in TeenInk and that I should check them out. I read them all and liked Winter Daze particularly, it's very vivid. Good luck with your future endeavors, you're very talented.
audreynikoletto replied...
Dec. 29, 2010 at 1:27 pm
Thank you!  I'm glad you liked my piece.
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