when i look at him

December 2, 2010
By ashley pepper SILVER, New Caney, Texas
ashley pepper SILVER, New Caney, Texas
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I look at him

I look at him
I see the musicians hands
A lot like mine
Some say
But I don’t think so

I look at him
Playing the guitar
My instrument
Far better then I ever cod or will

I look at him
He’s so much better
At every thing he does
Then me
A artist,
All of these things I want
I just don’t have the talent

So why am I in love ?
With this man
Even though I am a girl
Even though our age defense
Is only 2/¾ years

Why am I in love
Is it his goofy smile?
Or his sarcastic remarks,
That make me want to burst out leafing?
But I always hold my peace
Is it his talent?
His good looks?
Because he’s my pastors kid?

Why did I have to fall in love again?
Oh why did it happen?
When I was lucky to be his friend
Why did my mind screw it all up
Into something I did not want it to be
Someone tell me

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