I am a teenager

December 2, 2010
By ashley pepper SILVER, New Caney, Texas
ashley pepper SILVER, New Caney, Texas
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My hormones are raging,
And I don’t like how I look,
I wonder what who’d happen,
If I was to just give up ,
I am a teenager
The problems you say are so,
Small and will pass in time ,
Fell like moutons on my ,
Shoulders. ,
You ask me who cares,
The answer is I do,
She was my friend,
At lest at one time,
You minimize my problems,
And you feed my doubts,
You say you know better,
But you don’t,
Understand ,
You only give me,
A passing glace,
You try to ignore,
On the streets ,
Cuz I look different,
You say u want,
To know what’s going on,
I try to tell you ,
But you don’t lesion,
Not for real anyways,
You nod your head,
Give some advice,
That nothing to do,
With what Im going threw,
And you wonder why,
I don’t tell you anything,
I am teenager
And as much as you don’t like it,
I need you to tell me to do,
To lesson to my problems,
And give me good advice,
To love me unconditionally,
To tell me not to hang with,
The pepol I like,
To spend time with me,
Because a child, ( which inside is all I am)
Left to themselves will bring there,
Mother shame,
Because I am teenager,
I don’t know any better.

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