December 2, 2010
You pass me walking down the hall, not noticing my existance at all.
I wait and stare, hoping you'll turn around. But you just kept your pace on the hard, solid ground.
I walk into class 5 minutes late, i walk in, guessing my fate.
As i walk in, heads go up..1..2..3.. then they all go back down uncaringly.
I sit in my seat, give my teacher a glance, she is still sitting there writing, hasn't moved from her stance.
At 12:30 the class bell rings.. class is finally over.. my heart sings.
As im leaving the room, i lose my grip, i fall to the ground and my books slip.
As i pick up all my books, in quite a hurry, i hear a voice whisper "Dont worry"
Should i look up? Run for the door? I cant do anything, my eyes are glued to the floor.
I feel like im in a timer, full of sand, then i hear the voice again "Here, take my hand."
I look up at him, his eyes gleaming. This couldn't be real, i had to be dreaming.
It was the boy that passed me in the hall. I guess he noticed me after all ?

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