Crisp Grass

December 2, 2010
By Anonymous

Two legged girls stand with hands
held in front of them
One paws at the misted grass

The other licks her lips
standing tall next to the other
They both breathe in the morning breeze

Their patterned flannel blocks the cold
They exchange glances
one puts her hair up and goes back to place

They crouch with hunger
the other holds her stomach
she missed breakfast

With eyes staring forward
studying the stretch of grass


Their feet split from stan’s
The grass crunched when they
stomped on the frozen floor

Galloping with energy
hands still cup
right in front of them

Their heads and torso
bobbing when their pull
the ground like horses

The rush of excitement brushed
into the winning one
she opened her stride

Her eyes on the molded log
that was right in her path
of racing

She leans back a little
waiting to get closer having her legs
count backwards from 3

She leaps on three,
legs grabbing at her chest
imaging a ball flying over

In mid way over the log
her legs break the bond
ready to make the landing

The thud hit hard
making a two feet landing noise
soon followed by four

her neck grow out
having her hair outline the top
her ears grew, so horse like

her boney legs sported
out from her, two feet long
Muscles expanded through her body

She halted with confusion
stomping her hooves
then she whipped her hand

She was a race horse.

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