The Lost

December 2, 2010
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Some days there is no happiness. No hope for a better day. Some days there is no joy, no enjoyment. To be truly happy for some is a rarity. An occasion that comes once in a blue moon. Ever since that horrible calamity. Oh that fate filled day. Seven lived to see another day while two never drew another breathe nor saw the light of day again. For that day was their last upon this earth. After the fact, there was many a tear shed, many a sorrow filled heart. The angels sang their sweet song on that day carrying away two that were very dear to us.

Those that lived stayed to tell the tale. The tale of the horrific accident that cost them two of there own. The tales that were told were hazy, not clear. Sometimes after accidents the mind makes things up to protect you. Sheilding you from the truth. No one could no for sure the exactly what happened that day. Never is it to be known the cause of the tragedy.

There is nothing that can make you ready for the loss of a loved one. No book you can read, no pamphlet to skim, no movie to watch. There is absolutely no way to prepare. No one can possibly tell you how to deal with the loss of a loved one. Even those that have lost one before. Different people mean things to other people in different ways.

There are different ways people deal with the pain. Some people spiral into depression. They become inconsolable. But they look not for pity. They look to be left alone. Alone with the pain. Alone to grieve in their own way and in their own time period. Some refuse to accept the loss. They put it out of their mind and refuse to talk about it. Some talk about excessively. Others blame themselves. They think that it’s their fault. That they could’ve done something to change it.

After a time the pain begins to lessen. It will always be there just sometimes not as much of it. After a time smiles begin to happen. You can begin to think of those lost without breaking down in tears. You can think of happy times with them and smile in commemoration of their life not tribute to their death.

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